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    Mark Wiese (Edited )

    Perhaps if the Windows Phone app wasn't so buggy a lot more people would have been using it, and it would've constituted a lot more of the mobile traffic. Many of the staff in my company use Windows Phone (we are a Microsoft Gold Partner) but I know the majority don't bother using the app due to how buggy it is. Rather than discontinuing it, a better idea would've been to fix it.

    Additionally - The Windows Phone app was the main reason we went for Zendesk over a competing product. Had this app not been available, we would have gone for the alternative.

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    Luke Meyer

    As Mark said, the main reason we Chose Zendesk over another competitor was the Windows Phone App. Its Been Buggy at best, completely un usable at the worst times. in my opinion it is un professional to half bake a product, then blame the lack of users using it as a reason to stop supporting it. Perhaps if the app worked properly it would of seen quite a bit more use (In fact, all our Agents would be)

    Is there at least a mobile web gui that we can use on our phones? The full GUI is not very user friendly on a mobile phone, and ironically keeps advertising the Zendesk Support app.

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    Ian Walker

    Very unhappy about this decision. As mentioned, we also chose Zendesk because of their Windows Phone support. The app worked fine for me for what it was. Any chance of a UWP version for both Windows 10 and Windows Phone?

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