Error message on ticket when saving

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  • Matt Flowitt

    I'm not certain as to how I'm supposed to determine what was updating at the same time as I was trying to update the ticket? Can you please provide more detail in terms of the resolution? This appears to happen most often when updating phone calls after completion. Could this relate to the addition of the call recording? This appears to be the only event between the ticket creation (when the call is accepted) and when the agent goes to update the ticket. 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Matt - 

    Try going through the steps outlined in this document: 

    Viewing all events of a ticket

    Let us know if that does the trick or if you have additional questions. 

  • Matt Flowitt

    Hi Nicole, yes, I have already reviewed said article. Unfortunately, it doesn't really address my question. How would I understand what is updating at the same time as I am as the article suggests? It tells me to look for what was updating at the same time as the solution but neither this nor the other article as far as I can tell addresses how I'd know what was updating at the same time.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Matt! Sorry for the confusion!

    When you look at the events on your ticket, each update has a time stamp. You should be able to use that to identify the update that was made to the ticket at the same time that you submitted your own update.

    Let us know if you need more help!


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