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Issue Symptoms

Sometimes, when updating a ticket, the following error message appears:

Ticket #____ not saved. A change was made to this ticket as your update was being saved. Try again.


  • This happens when updating a ticket in the Support user interface
  • You will see a message pop up in the upper right hand side of the page


There are a couple reasons why you may be encountering this error message:

  • Another agent updated your ticket at the same time as you. 
  • An installed App made an update to the ticket at the same time as you.
  • You have API calls updating tickets
  • An automation updated the ticket when you submitted your ticket update. 

In all situations, simply wait 10 seconds before submitting your update again. If you continually experience this issue: 

  1. Check your ticket events log to see what was updating your ticket at the same time as you. 
  2. Disable the app or automation responsible for this entry. 
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