Sending proactive outbound texts: Recipes and tips (Talk Basic and Advanced) Follow



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    Sebastiaan Wijchers

    Hello Emily,

    Thanks for the article!

    Can the images be made available in a higher resolution? It's hard to see what's on it currently.

    With kind regards,


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    Dov Cohn

    If i have an open ticket, and the end user would like the next public reply to be delivered to them via Text, can I do that?

    For example, users creates request via email to, "I need my account number and I am on my mobile phone. Pls text it to me at 999-000-1111".

    That creates a ticket.

    Can the agent, from that ticket, choose the reply method to be text?

    That is a very common use case we would use - people start tickets via email, but want a response via mobile.



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    Woody Chin (Edited )

    *** Deleted ***.

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    Adam Sanderson (Edited )

    If I want to simply send a text message to a specific phone number through ZenDesk; what is the fastest way to do this.  The steps above require me to add a user; then add the phone number, then create a new ticket, then send the SMS.   Is there a way to setup up something more streamlined lined like:  create a new ticket > set the subject or a ticket field as the phone number > sent a public comment which goes out as a SMS?


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    I have the same question as Computer Overhauls? There is no way to send a quick message via text like I would for sending via email? This does sound like a lot of work.

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    Marc (Edited )



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