Using Text notifications with triggers: Recipes and tips (Talk Team, Professional, and Enterprise)

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  • Mark

    @Michael H:
    That drove me nuts. In the end, I set up my personal signature in plain text. Beneath that I pasted an image from our website.

    In the url, I saved the signature as follows:



    That image includes a company logo and a short disclaimer. In the text message itself, it shows the agent signature as plain text, followed by



  • Brett - Community Manager

    Appreciate you sharing your workaround Mark!

    Super useful :)

  • Michael H

    @Mark: Sorry, i'm not quite following your suggestion and approach.

    I understand you've done a specific signature with a graphic in it; but I'm not following how this solves the issue of preventing the signature being put into text messages.

    If you're able to explain this a bit more, it would be appreciated.

  • Mark

    @Michael H,

    While it doesn't completely remove the signature, it gives you lots of flexibility.

    My personal signature is as follows:

    Thank you,
    My Name
    Company Name
    P:800-000-0000 x1234


    In the url, I the signature is as follows:




    On a text, my signature shows my the following:


    The exact same message, sent to an email address will look like this:

  • Juline

    I added a trigger that when the ticket was solved it would send a text message out to avoid creating new tickets and having to merge tickets.  

    In doing this when the trigger fires, it does not copy the text in the public reply field so we can see what was send to the customer.  Why is this happening?  Shouldn't the text appear in the public reply box with the time and date sent?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Juline,

    When a notification is sent via a trigger, you won't actually see that email as a public response in a ticket which is expected behavior. If you'd like to see if the trigger has fired within a ticket you can actually take a look at the Ticket Events as mentioned in the following article: Viewing all events of a ticket

    Let us know if you have any other questions!


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