How can I report on Support tickets linked to Jira?

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  • George Mogilevsky

    is it possible to see a list of Zendesk tickets and pull in some info from the Jira issues? like subject, issue number and status?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey, George - 

    I'm posting this same answer to both of your questions: I suggest checking out the Zendesk Integrations topic in the Community to see if there's an answer there, or if any of the members who work with JIRA integrations have suggestions for you. Hope that helps, and Happy Zendesking!

  • Shahdy

    George, did you find an answer here?  We're looking for the same.

    Nicole, we've searched the community, but have been unable to find a direct answer.  We're just looking for a list of Zendesk tickets with additional columns like JiraID and Jira Status.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Shahdy!

    I know it's not possible to do this in Views, but I'm checking with some of our JIRA experts to see if there might be an alternative, perhaps using the API. Stand by!

  • Shahdy

    So, we're now getting some Jira information in the views, but only because we've created custom fields on the ticket and are copying values from the linked Jira issue into the custom fields.

    The ideal situation, and I believe what George was asking as well, was to report or view the Jira information simply because the item was linked and not have to duplicate the data over onto the ticket.

  • Garrick Rohm

    Hi Shahdy,

    You've identified a good strategy in copying the information into the Zendesk ticket. If you're copying that info manually, you may be able to automate that process using the integration's field sync feature.

  • David Shutt

    Hi Shahdy

    I'm looking to do the same thing - pull some information from linked jiras into zendesk reports and views. How did you get on? Did Garrick's 'field sync' suggestion work out for you? Did you find any other solutions?

  • Shahdy

    Yes, we were able to setup new custom fields on the ticket like JiraID, JiraVersion, JiraReleaseDate, etc. and were able to use the app / interface to chose the fields in Jira that will populate the custom fields on the ticket in Zendesk.

    With this done we are able to setup views and reports with the custom "jira" fields.

    In general it's working well for us, just a couple of pitfalls to watch out for:

    1) The custom jira fields are text boxes and editable by agents.  I pushed them to the bottom of the list of custom fields to discourage agents from updating the fields directly.  We've had a few cases of agents adding the JiraID in the custom field and then asking why the other fields weren't populated.  Just need to remind all the agents to not touch those custom fields and be sure to use the Jira app to link an issue to a ticket.

    2) The Jira app will allow multiple jiras to be mapped to a single ticket, but the updating of the custom fields will no longer work if you do this.  So, as best practice we've asked agents to only map one Jira to a ticket.  If there are cases of multiple Jiras then it's best to pick the "active", most recent Jira as the one to drive the info that's updated in the custom fields.


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