Getting started with Text (Talk Team, Professional, and Enterprise)

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  • Suhas Thakral
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    How do we export the TEXT data? API or directly from Zendesk? 

  • Lori Sardoff
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    i would like to start off by sending outbaound individual texts to our clients.  But whn i try to create a trigger there is no option to set a tag. My company is on a team talk plan.

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Lori,

    Can you confirm the Support plan level you're on? If you're on the Starter/Essential Support plan you'll have very limited options available within a trigger. You'll need to upgrade to at least Team plan to gain access to custom triggers on your account.

    If you're curious what features are available on your current plan you can take a look at our Support Plan Comparison page which I've attached.

    Hope this helps!

  • Lisa Seliverstova
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    We are currently struggle with not being able to send pictures to our end users (US only) - as the outbound MMS are not currently supported through ZenDesk.

    I found an article in Twilio, that they actually support this via API ( ) - wanted to find out if you have that implementation in your roadmap? Or is it something we can customize ourselves with Talk API?

    This blocks us from using the full potential of ZenDesk  - as we now have to user Google Voice for this part of the process..

    Please recommend the workaround (Enterprise plan)




  • Devan - Community Manager
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    Hello Lisa,

    While this currently isn't something we are ready to discuss in terms of future development. I would recommend posting in our product feedback forum so our developers can consider this suggestion for a future update.

    Talk - Product Feedback

    Best regards,


  • Scott Scialabba
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    I just wanted to follow up on Lisa Seliverstova's request regarding outbound MMS (US only) - is there any update on this, any chance it will make it on the road map?

    We communicate with our clients via SMS (which is what they prefer). And without MMS, we really cannot offer adequate support.

    I'm sure many customers utilizing sms messages are running into this issue. 

    Also, are there any workarounds to be able to send MMS for the time being (apps, etc.)?


    Thank you very much,



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