Getting started with Text (Talk Team, Professional, and Enterprise)

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  • Suhas Thakral

    How do we export the TEXT data? API or directly from Zendesk? 

  • Lori Sardoff

    i would like to start off by sending outbaound individual texts to our clients.  But whn i try to create a trigger there is no option to set a tag. My company is on a team talk plan.

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Lori,

    Can you confirm the Support plan level you're on? If you're on the Starter/Essential Support plan you'll have very limited options available within a trigger. You'll need to upgrade to at least Team plan to gain access to custom triggers on your account.

    If you're curious what features are available on your current plan you can take a look at our Support Plan Comparison page which I've attached.

    Hope this helps!


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