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    Cameron D.

    Once an article has been published, does the draft option on that article have any functionality?

    I just tested moving a published article into draft as well as making changes to the draft-version and saving them. The article remained published, and the change I made in the draft-version was also published, so it doesn't seem like it works beyond article creation. If that's the case, would you add the removal of the draft option once an article is published as a feature request please?

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    Kendall Chandler

    I just discovered that light agents have no pathway to access draft articles they have created, but can edit them if they know the URL of the edit page for the article. This is totally ridiculous! Why can't Zendesk just provide a link to the drafts page that full agents and managers have? Even if it only showed their drafts that would be fine but as it is now our product owners need to bookmark all their in-progress documentation so they can actually get back to it and edit it. It's just so silly that this isn't available to them. I could understand if they didn't have the permission to create articles, or edit other peoples' articles or drafts, but at the very least if they create an article themselves they should have some mechanism to find it and edit it and ultimately publish it.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Kendall! Sorry for the delayed response!

    The restriction that you're describing isn't limited to just Light Agents; it applies to any role that hasn't been made a Guide Manager. The drafts list is part of the Guide Admin section, which is why only Guide Managers can access it. If you need other roles to have access to their drafts and don't want them to have to go directly to the URL, you can just edit the role: 

    Alternatively, you can create a custom role specifically for the Light Agents who create and edit articles.

    I hope that helps!

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    Kendall Chandler

    Thank you for your response, Jesse. I have created a custom role for this purpose but do not see it listed in the dropdown for any of our light or full agents. Can you please advise or create a ticket for us to follow up? Than you.

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    Kendall Chandler

    Hi Jesse - you can disregard my previously posted comment, the custom role did eventually appear however this is not helpful for us because it can only be applied to Agents which requires purchasing an additional spot at a prohibitively high cost for the number of users we have actually creating documentation for us. Likewise, this permission cannot be added to the Light Agent role, so this is not a viable solution for us.

    I maintain that it is a silly distinction and after your answer appears even more like a cash grab since it requires upgrading users to Agent roles to obtain a simple list of their own drafts. It is standard convention throughout the web that, at minimum, someone should have access to a list of at least their own content even if they have no ability to publish it, view others' content, etc. 


    Thank you.

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    Sarah Driver

    With the new layout of the editing screen, the way of publishing documents (moving from draft to published) has changed. The save button now has a drop-down menu which has a second option to publish. Took me a while to find, so adding this comment here in case anyone else has the same issue!  

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    Nicole Relyea

    Thanks for sharing that insight, Sarah, and welcome to the Zendesk Community! I encourage you to head over to the Welcome Thread in The Lounge to introduce yourself.

    We look forward to seeing you around the Community. Happy Zendesking!

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    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Sarah,

    Yes, the documentation (this article included) has not been updated just yet...but it will be updated soon to reflect the new UI. Sorry for any confusion!


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