Why can't I BCC Follow


Why can't users be BCC'd on tickets in Support?


Support does not recognize BCC's and they are not supported in tickets.

If a user is added as a BCC on an inbound email, the user will not be added or acknowledged anywhere in the ticket or events. Additionally they will not be notified of any ticket updates from the agent interface.

If the BCC'd user responds to the original email it may be captured through our system's inbound email threading processes causing their message to be appended to the existing ticket.

One way to add BCC functionality into Zendesk Support is via the Zendesk Labs ZCC app. This allows an admin to notify a single email address, or number of email addresses with any selection of ticket comments, in any way hidden to all other ticket participants.

ZCC contains the following features:

  • Enter a single email address, or multiple email addresses.
  • Send all ticket comments, or only the latest ticket comments.
  • Submit the ticket and send the email notification. 

You can download the app here: https://www.zendesk.com/apps/zcc/

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