What is the maximum attachment size I can include in ticket comments?

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  • Isaac Slape

    Please increase the file upload size limit. 20mb is too small.

  • DB-Pros Inc.

    Adding our 2 cents here as well.

    A 1mb limit seems totally arbitrary.  Beyond that, when we attempted to attach a larger file, a tiny message box with no text in it popped up, so our Agent struggled for some time to assist a customer with s small task..


    This looks poor on Zendesk.


    After reviewing the limitations to the other account types (7mb etc), I have to question what other unreasonable limitations Zendesk has decided to apply to customers.


    Poor decisions like these lead to lack of trust leads to lost customers....

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, all. The product team is highly aware of this request. 

  • Lennart van den Dool

    Awareness is a good first step. Are there any next steps? If not, I'm not staying as a customer either, so please give us a timeline as to if and when this limit is going to be raised.

  • Bogdan Gavrilescu

    Are the limits still the same? Usually people want to attach a screenshot, in 2019 a screenshot can take up to 10-20mb. Please keep up with the times... Maybe you can do a integration with google drive or something...

  • Ajay Goel

    Hi there,

    Longtime Zendesk user here. I've discovered a way around the Zendesk attachment limit and have written an article about it: https://www.gmass.co/blog/get-around-zendesk-attachment-size-limit/

  • M. A.

    I am seeing here that Zendesk customers have been expressing their frustration for over 2 years now and Zendesk still did not do anything. As some customers mentioned already, for a tech support team it's incredibly easy to go over the maximum limit of 20MB. I honestly do not see how can Zendesk work for a tech company, It is embarrassing to keep telling our customers to go to box or dropbox to upload their files. We are seriously considering a different solution. I see most of the enhancement requests on this forums have been going for years. Have a great day.

  • Andrew J

    @M.A., data storage and maintenance costs. Zendesk is a support platform, not mega-zendesk file sharing. It is fair for them to set limits, it's reasonable for them to tier these on plans and pricing.
    We might not like the limits and might request the limits be lifted in line with the times, but fundamentally, if they double the limits, this issue won't be resolved. So the case for an alternative file sharing solution is still there. As mentioned, by downloading the original email from a customer, you can access their oversized attachments.
    Yes, it would be good to have some limit raising, but for most of us the option to pay more for this is already there. Why would Zendesk expend time or money on this if the customer won't? How much extra will you pay to double your limit?

  • M. A.

    Thank you Andrew Mills for the response. Since the business requires it and we, the customers, are asking for it, we should be given this option. We are paying extra for a 3rd party tool to upload files anyway. I would rather use one solution and not have to be apologetic to my customers when they say that they are not allowed to upload their files to ZD due to limit restrictions. By the way, most of  my customers access ZD directly and try to upload the attachment directly, the e-mail download trick that you mentioned will not work.  Thanks

  • Andrew J

    Good response M.A., perhaps Zendesk could partner with someone else to offer an upload solution. You didn't mention what you'd be willing to pay though.
    Potentially a guide and agent app could be developed to create this option.

  • Ellen Livengood

    Seems somewhat silly to ask "what someone would be willing to pay", vs. Zendesk doing its own market research and figuring out a reasonable extra charge for a higher limit. Reasonable would be along the lines of what people are already paying for a 3rd party solution, the benefit being that it doesn't require additional work to set up and use.

  • Andrew J

    Only reason I asked about what someone is willing to pay (I'm just a Zendesk user like you), is to help people think about the cost to Zendesk. If people are on the lowest plan, there are upgrade options that increase the limit. It does seem like a reasonable idea for Zendesk to offer a size limit upgrade only option. However currently there is no storage limit and no charge for storage as such, large files are stored for perpetuity, so this increases cost forever. I'd hate to see a maximum storage feature introduced.

  • Darryl Fresne

    I have to say that this limit (20mb) is a bit ridiculous. We are unable to have our customers upload basic log files for troubleshooting. I was just asked by ZD support to upload my Chrome HAR file logs and that file was 37.8mb. Still waiting for a response as to how I'm supposed to upload that file to ZD support. 

    This arbitrary 20mb limit has been in place for over 2 years. Time to update your policies @zendesk.

    @Nicole...how many times will this issue come up before Zendesk resolves the problem?

    To be clear, this is a problem, and a third party solution is not an answer. Most of our customers have extremely restrictive security policies. To be able to use our ticketing system without this arbitrary, and frankly, a ridiculous limitation is absurd.



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