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    Steven Fisher

    This is a great article, can you do the same thing with average 1st time resolution without pending time ?

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    Brad Ladwig

    Hi Steven,

    Yes!  You could use this same framework to find average first resolution time minus pending time.  Great idea!

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    Steven Fisher

    I have it setup but I have encountered an issue.

    a ticket goes through the normal process and gets marked "solved", but the customer comes back and it reopens now the initial time of 1st resolution has stopped.

    The ticket then spends some more time in pending before getting resolved.

    The issue I am now having is I can have a ticket that is getting a - (minus) hrs time as it has stopped counting the time to 1st resolution but pending time still includes anymore pending time after it has been reopened.

    Any ideas how to avoid this? ideally needs to stop calculating pending time once the ticket was marked solved in the 1st instance?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Steven!

    I'm going to see if any of the Insights gurus in amongst our Community Moderators are able to answer this for you. Stand by!

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    Fernando Duarte

    Hey Steven,


    Are you calculating time to full resolution or first resolution?

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    Steven Fisher

    Hi Fernando


    I am calculating first resolution

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    I want to calculate this in Business hours. I see that there is already a metric available for Avg Full Res time [Biz hrs] in Hours available. Using this, can I create the Pending and On hold metrics as described above and subtract to get the Avg Full resolution time in business hours?

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