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    Riad Kassar

    We are still having issues with our message not appearing in our helpdesk . We are getting them on regular email but not into the helpdesk to keep a record of . We have had emails from early this morning still not showing yet. Some come in right away others many hors later. Can you please check what is happening


    Thanks Riad

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Riad!

    It looks like you were able to get help with this in a ticket. Please let us know if you need anything else!

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    Hi, I have just noticed this on an outgoing mail that I sent out.  I love that no more emails will be sent out but my real concern is that we are not aware (unless you go into the customer file or the ticket ) is that we will never know when an email has bounced.

    Traditionally it would appear in the suspended tickets which is great because we would know to follow up immediately with obtaining a new email address and re-sending.

    The way the system appears to work right now is that you will only know this when your customer calls in to find out why you have not been in contact or you happen across a solved ticket - is this right ?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Paul!

    We definitely understand that this isn't an ideal set-up! I spoke with one of our Product Managers and the good news is that, while there's a lot of complexity surrounding this functionality, we have an ongoing project to improve it.

    Sometime in the not-too-distant future we plan to add a spot in Zendesk where you can see a list of your undeliverable users, and at some point after that agent notifications will be added as well. 

    As always, development is kind of an unpredictable process so I don't have any specific time frames to share right now other than "soon". But rest assured we'll make an announcement when it's ready!

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    Drew Kidder

    +1 on the request for a view where we can see a log of currently- and previously-suspended users.  The notification to the Agent is a good first step, but it doesn't give us a chance to see the big picture.

    There are plenty of business reasons to know when a customer "goes dark" (e.g. we need to change contact person for a case; our sales team might want to touch base with the customer to understand if there is a change in their business or staffing; etc)

    Thanks for staying on this one.  We appreciate Zendesk's commitment to delivering our communications reliably and giving us the tools to monitor effectively.

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    Jeroen van der Sandt

    +1 Are there any advances in flagging these users? Before we handled these bounced tickets using a script that would pick out these suspended tickets recover them and inform the agent automatically to proactively act on this. Now it can only be done when we get a complaint from the customer, because it seems we never sent or replied to an e-mail.

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    Ellen James

    We are getting more and more users emails marked as undeliverable when they are not.   We really need to be able to see a list/report of who is affected so that we can do something about it. 

    When is the feature likely to be introduced?


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    Max McCal

    Hey, all - 

    A quick update. We rolled back part of this that was causing the numbers to go up, and we're digging more into exactly what we need to do to fix this. We still have plans to provide a view of undeliverable users, and to start tracking events when we receive indication of a bounce so that you'll be able to see exactly what we're responding to. In the mean time, you should see the incidence drop from the level it's been at. We're going back to the drawing board a little bit.

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    Hi Team,

    I just have a small concern about this article, I can see that more profiles are in-deliverable mode and when the ticket was updated, emails for client are not going through because of this and If we mark it manually as deliverable to the profile, how will that helps us ? (I mean to ask is what is the use of marking manually as deliverable ?)


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    Dennis Lynn

    Hey Hemavathi!

    When a user has an email address flagged as undeliverable, our system will not send email notifications to that email address. By manually marking this email address as deliverable, our system will once again send notifications to that email address. 

    Does that help clarify things?

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    Okay got it :)

    Thanks Dennis Lynn !

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