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Zendesk sends email notifications for changes, including ticket updates, forum updates, and system messages. When one of these email notifications is returned, or bounced, from the server it is sent to, Zendesk will mark the email address as undeliverable and no longer send email to that address. If an address that is marked as undeliverable becomes deliverable, an agent can manually mark it deliverable.

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About the email bounce process

When an email notification cannot be delivered to an address, the receiving server will often send a notification back to Zendesk indicating that the message was not received. This is known as a bounced email.

A bounce is considered a hard bounce when the notification Zendesk receives from the server indicates that it is a permanent failure. A bounce is considered a soft bounce when the notification Zendesk receives from the server indicates that it is a temporary failure.

After a hard bounce, Zendesk will mark the email address as undeliverable and no longer send email to that address. After a soft bounce, Zendesk will attempt to send the email again. After ten failed attempts with soft bounces, Zendesk will mark the address as undeliverable and no longer send email to that address.

When an email notification bounces, the email address is flagged as undeliverable in the ticket and in the user's profile. You and your agents will not be notified and there will not be a resulting suspended ticket.

Note: Currently, you need to open the user's profile to see emails flagged as undeliverable. You cannot create a view to isolate these emails.

Understanding how undeliverable email addresses are marked

When an email address receives a hard bounce, Zendesk marks it as undeliverable and stops sending email to that address. If the primary address is not deliverable, and the user has multiple email addresses, Zendesk will send email to any other address that is deliverable.

When a user's email address is marked as undeliverable, the adress is flagged in the user's profile and in the ticket. You and your agents will not be notified when this happens, and there will not be a suspended ticket.

There might be times when an undeliverable address becomes deliverable again, so an agent can manually set an undeliverable email address to deliverable. Any future bounce notifications, however, will return it to the undeliverable state. 

In the user profile

In the user profile, an undeliverable address is flagged.

In the ticket

In the ticket, an undeliverable email address for a ticket requester is flagged. Undeliverable addresses for CCs are not flagged in the ticket, but are flagged in their user profiles. You can still update the ticket, but Zendesk will not send email notifications to any user with an undeliverable email address.

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    We are still having issues with our message not appearing in our helpdesk . We are getting them on regular email but not into the helpdesk to keep a record of . We have had emails from early this morning still not showing yet. Some come in right away others many hors later. Can you please check what is happening


    Thanks Riad

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    Hey Riad!

    It looks like you were able to get help with this in a ticket. Please let us know if you need anything else!

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    Hi, I have just noticed this on an outgoing mail that I sent out.  I love that no more emails will be sent out but my real concern is that we are not aware (unless you go into the customer file or the ticket ) is that we will never know when an email has bounced.

    Traditionally it would appear in the suspended tickets which is great because we would know to follow up immediately with obtaining a new email address and re-sending.

    The way the system appears to work right now is that you will only know this when your customer calls in to find out why you have not been in contact or you happen across a solved ticket - is this right ?

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    Hey Paul!

    We definitely understand that this isn't an ideal set-up! I spoke with one of our Product Managers and the good news is that, while there's a lot of complexity surrounding this functionality, we have an ongoing project to improve it.

    Sometime in the not-too-distant future we plan to add a spot in Zendesk where you can see a list of your undeliverable users, and at some point after that agent notifications will be added as well. 

    As always, development is kind of an unpredictable process so I don't have any specific time frames to share right now other than "soon". But rest assured we'll make an announcement when it's ready!

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