Is Zendesk Talk PCI DSS compliant?

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  • Renate Johnson

    Does anyone else have some suggestions?  With all the retailers Zendesk is associated with credit card protection is imperative and so I'd be interested in other suggestions. 


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Renate! Hopefully some other members of our Community will have some insight to share here. :)

  • Renate Johnson

    The response above has been the only received.  I was wondering if anyone had other input. 

  • Jay Kershner

    Does this proces work for calls that originate as outbound calls?

  • Keith @ Zendesk

    Hey Jay,


    That is correct.  This should work fine for both incoming and outbound.  :)

  • Colin Pickard

    There are some Apps available in the Marketplace which offer detection and redaction of PCI data in call recordings:

  • Graham Paddon

    When is a fix on the horizon?  I can't believe a global leading platform like zendesk hasn't got a core feature like this locked down already?!  Mind-boggling.  Looking to change from Genesys PureCloud to Zendesk Talk to bring everything into 1 platform, but absolutely wouldn't consider if we've got to hack the system with workarounds and 3rd party applications....

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Graham! Welcome to the Community!

    As Claire mentioned in the article, we're dependent on our infrastructure provider for this kind of functionality. I don't know whether this is something that's on their roadmap, but I'll be sure to pass your feedback along to our Talk team so they can share it with Twilio.

  • Meghan Howard

    I am so sad to see this as this is a deal breaker for my company. We are eCommerce and taking CC's OTP is essential. I am looking into the apps, but I would highly recommend this be implemented as a feature of ZenDesk since it is such an essential feature in business. 

  • Jessie Schutz

    Thanks for sharing your feedback, Meghan!

  • Paul W

    Has anyone tried the VoiceBase app on zendesk..would appreciate any feedback before i trial it


  • Jake


    Twilio just launched <Pay>, a way to take payment information over the phone with Stripe while remaining PCI compliant. Are there any plans to integrate this with ZenDesk Talk? I see that you are listed on their website as a customer, so I assume that means that ZenDesk Talk is built on Twilio.

    Without PCI compliance at least to some degree built in without jumping through a ton of hoops, we are likely to switch over to Twilio Flex to manage customer communications.

  • Caroline Kello

    Hey Jake,

    Yes, very exciting news from Twilio on their launch of Pay. We're looking at this internally on how best we can offer this as a feature within Talk. It is something we are wanting to do as we understand the need for PCI compliance especially in the online retail sector. It needs to be prioritised and allocated on the roadmap which is a process that we're currently undergoing.

    Thanks for reaching out,

  • Aaron Griffiths

    Hi Caroline,


    Any update on Pay on Twilio?





  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Aaron,

    I reached out internally and it doesn't look like we have any additional updates at this time. Caroline's previous comment stands and this is still being looked into.



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