Can I restrict access to articles?

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  • George Azzopardi

    Using Knowledge Capture for the first time.  Finding it great except  that I can't figure it out how articles published can be seen by all agents even though I have created a section segmented for one particular group of agents.  

    Anyone ever encountered this problem and any help here from Helpdesk appreciated.


  • Stephen Fusco

    Hey George, 

    I can see you also submitted a ticket about this and were able to resolve things. Did you still have any additional questions on this? 


  • George Azzopardi


    problem solved.  Thanks :)

  • Andreas Wallin

    Hi. When writing "internal" articles by making them available for "agents and managers", the article's header gets a lock icon in front of it (to indicate that it's internal). But the icon is squeezed into first letter and my design-genes are freaking out every time I see it. I've tried to add space in the beginning of the header text, but it is removed when I save the article. Any advice?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Andreas,

    I've done some testing in my own account but was not able to replicate this issue on my end. Most likely this issue is occurring due to some changes made within your Guide theme.

    If you have developers available you'll want to have them take a look  at your Guide template to see why this icon is merging with your article header.

    I've also included some Guide customization articles which I believe you'll find useful as well: 

    Hope this helps!


  • Andreas Wallin

    Will do, thanks!


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