When does an article URL change?

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  • Naomi Papoushado

    In my experience, moving an article from one category to another will also change the URL, isn't that right?

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Naomi - 

    The URL slug (any words that follow the article id number) may change, but the rest of the URL will stay the same when moving articles between categories. The words in the slug can be used for tracking, but don't actually impact the functioning of the link, and that number - the canonical id - will remain the same. 

    This means that links will not break even if you move articles around between different sections or categories. 

  • Naomi Papoushado

    Hi Nicole, 
    Thanks for the quick reply - can you confirm for me when this is true?

    • When moving articles from one category to another in Zendesk 
    • When moving articles from one category to another in external CMS (e.g. Paligo)
    • Both


    Many thanks :)



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