How to set the default organization of a user via API

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  • Matthieu FRYS

    Hi Zendesk.


    Thank you for this article. 

    Is it possible to do it for many at  the same time ? 

    Today i have more than 30 000 users to update to set the Org as default, because the have multiple, but the one used on triggers is not default and do not work on triggers.


    So i would like to update like 100 at a time. is it possible ? 


    Thank you

  • Matteo
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Matthieu,

    Unfortunately the endpoint does not support bulk updates capabilities.

    For such a great dataset, I would definitely consider designing an automation, perhaps a script, that could hit the endpoint recursively and perform the updates in that way.

    For inspirational and instructional purposes, I can suggest taking a look at this tutorial on how to retrieve large dataset using Python. It's not exactly what you need, but the same approach could be customised to fit your business case.



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