Troubleshooting agent forwarding

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  • Fiona


    I'm trying to set this up but it's not working. I have enabled agent forwarding and I followed the steps here:

    It says to put #requester then the email address and remove the "fwd:" from the subject line and remove the forwarding part in the body of the email. I did that (and also tried leaving those things in) and it's still showing as coming from the forwarding email address. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thanks!

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator


    I've had the same issue -- Usually it's because I need it to be formatted like *exactly*

    The VERY first line in the body of the email:

    #requester [one space]

    The only other thing I can think of is to check your Events in the ticket and see if there are any misbehaving Triggers.

    PS. I keep the Fwd in...

  • Fiona

    Thanks, Heather. I just tried it again. First line, one space. Still no luck. I checked the events and I see two triggers fired - one to set it to normal priority and one to send an auto-reply email to the requester... not sure what I'm doing wrong. Oh well, I will just make them manually. Thanks!

  • Rachel M

    is it possible to identify tickets created via agent forwarding? so it could effect triggers & automations?

    i thought perhaps if the agent added a tag via the mail api as one solution (though this requires the agents remembering to do this!) – but i was curious if it's somehow already identifiable via ZD built-in functionality.

    possible use cases:

    • to skip sending the requester a "we got your request!" email
    • to change the ticket channel field
    • to report on how frequently agents are being reached-out to directly.
  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Rachel M

    (I really like your strawberry profile picture!)

    I was able to find a creative solution that I hope works for you!

    When an agent forwards a customer's email (using agent forwarding) the "submitter" and "requester" attributes are different for that ticket. You can see this by looking at the ticket through the api:


    So, you could create a trigger with these conditions to tag any tickets created this way:

    With these conditions, any ticket created by an agent, where the requester is set as someone else (the customer) will be affected. Just have the action be to add a tag. Then once that tag is on all the agent forwarded tickets, you can use it for reporting, to affect other triggers (to exclude these tickets or include them only etc.).

    I hope that helps!


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