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  • Ross

    Hi Zendesk Team,

    I am looking through the API and searching for a way to get the individual call records in the same format represented in the "Ticket Details" above. Could you please point me toward the portion of the Zendesk API that allows me to pull that information?

    Thank you!


  • Ben Heiligenthal

    I am also looking for an API that can give me call records, specifically, an API that can give me the time of the call, the duration of the call, and whether it was inbound or outbound. Does an API like this exist?

  • Joseph May

    Hi Ross & Ben-

    You should be able to retrieve all that data using our Ticket Audits endpoint, specifically the voice comment event. Please take a look and see if this contains what you are looking for.



  • Ben Heiligenthal



    Is there any way to get only ticket audits of the type VoiceComment? Or is the only way to get this data is by getting all ticket audits and then parsing for ones that have type = VoiceComment?

  • Thomas Flaherty

    Hi Joseph, do you know if there is an easier API call to get the data shown in the "Ticket Details" section?  The "Voice Comment" endpoint doesnt seem to be a decent match to me.

    Alternatively, has anyone managed to piece together endpoints to make this work?

  • Ross

    Hi Joseph,

    I put this together this week, and I can't find any of the following in the Ticket Audits API:

    • Wait time: The amount of time before a call was answered.
    • Hold time: The amount of time a caller spent on hold.
    • Wrap up time: The amount of time spent in wrap-up.
    • Charge: The total cost of the call.
    • IVR Routed To The location the call was routed to in the IVR, if available.

    Am I missing something about the information available? 

    Thomas, here is a gist with the Python code I used to get the VoiceComment audits:


  • Thomas Flaherty

    Ross - I have the same problem. The API only provides 75% of the values I need to match Ticket Details, which the end user wants to see.

    For now, we are having someone manually run a Ticket Details history extract so we can load a flat file to our Data Warehouse.

    We are hoping that the existing endpoints can be expanded or a new endpoint created to provide this extract record structure.

    Thanks for the info, it is much appreciated.


  • Manuel Breschi

    Hi Ross, Thomas,
    please refer to the following documentation
    Let us know if you have any further queries.


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