Announcing a new version of the Knowledge Capture Application

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  • Kristine Horn

    This is amazing: "We are changing the way we detect link events in Knowledge Capture. Instead of recording links only when agents click “Link and insert article” or “Link article,” we scan ticket replies for Help Center article links, and track those."

    Thank you!!

  • Stephen Belleau

    With the change to how articles are linked, we now need a separate comment box for private comments. I would like for agents to be able to link an internal article in a private comment while they're drafting their public comment. Even better would be for macros to be able to submit a private comment with the article link - again, without affecting the public comment they might have in progress.

  • Marcus Stein

    This looks great!

    A question, though:

    "If you have already installed a previous version of the Knowledge Capture app, you should have already received the updated version.

    If you would like to install and start using it, you can install it from the Zendesk App Marketplace."

    I may be reading it wrong, but that impiies that there should be access starting now, right?

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Marcus,

    Sorry for the confusion. That's a mistake--the app isn't available yet. We are pre-announcing the release coming on the 20th.

    This was originally written as the announcement for the release but we edited it (not well enough!) to be a pre-announcement. I'll update this article now so that it's correct.


  • Jennifer Rowe

    The new version of the Knowledge Capture application has been released!

    If you have a previous version of the Knowledge Capture app, your app should have already updated automatically to the new version. 

    If you would like to install and start using the app, you can install it from the Zendesk App Marketplace.

    For those customers who are just getting up and running, the app will be installed when you create your first Guide Help Center.

  • Lou Abigail Menard

    Hi Jennifer ,

    "If you have a previous version of the Knowledge Capture app, your app should have already updated automatically to the new version. "

    But I can't see it now in my App's panel (right side bar) in an open ticket. Does this mean we need to "enable" the App again through Admin>Apps>Manage



  • Ryan McGrew

    Hi Lou,

    The default position of the application has changed to be in the Editor now. Is it appearing there instead of the sidebar?

    If you'd like to continue using the app in the sidebar, you can go to Admin > Apps > Manage and changing the settings to show in the sidebar. You can see a screenshot of the settings here

  • Lou Abigail Menard

    Hi Ryan,

    My fault. I didn't look further with the changes. I found where it is now, and it's from the search icon.

    You can disregard my concern now. Thank you!



  • Ryan McGrew

    Thanks for the quick reply. Glad it's sorted out!

  • Lou Abigail Menard

    Hello Ryan,

    Thanks a lot too!



  • Nate Gray

    It would be awesome if you could bring up Knowledge Capture via a hotkey.  Even better would be to be able to navigate it using hotkeys once it is active.  Thanks! 



  • Shawn Oudavanh

    I see that you are able to get the article created on each ticket from Gooddata. Is there a way to access this information? Possibly API?

    My use case is that I would like to map a Jira field with the article that was created from the linked Zendesk ticket.

  • Daniel Yousaf

    Hi Shawn,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Unfortunately we don't have API endpoints that could would work for this use case, and there's no non-API workaround.  Please feel free to post here or email if you have further questions :)


  • Jacob J Christensen

    The development of the Knowledge Capture App seems to be serving mostly, or exclusively, the bringing of knowledge from Guide to Tickets use case.
    I'm more interested in the other way, initiating a knowledge creation workflow from Zendesk Support. Currently there's a real show stopper in implementing KCA with our agents, since there is no multilingual support for article templates, there is no impetus for us to being using the KCA.

    It was a working feature of the original KCA beta and I'm really hoping you are planning on bringing it back.



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