Can I embed the Help Center using Android WebView?

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  • Oscar Aguilar

    And what about the Widget? We are having trouble using the Zendesk Chat in an Android WebView. Is it supported as it seems to be in iOs? Anyone had issues too?

  • Borja Martín

    I don't understand the negative answer. We are using the help center content inside a webview with no problem.
    On the other hand, as Oscar mentioned, we actually have troubles trying to make the chat widget work in the Android webview while in iOS works perfectly, so don't really understand the difference there...

  • Oscar Aguilar

    Hi Borja, I guess they don't have the guide templates available for a small screen like the Web Widget and that's why they say it's not supported, but that's only my guess. In regards to the Android Web View, apparently Android shuts down the Web Socket connection to save battery so the live chat ceases to work. Zendesk official answer is then to go for SDK.


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