What is the function of the "Send email via Gmail" option?

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  • Lee KB

    I have a related question.

    Is it possible to use Gmail's 'Send mail as' address function with this?

    In Gmail, it is possible to set up various 'send as' addresses, so the same Gmail account can manage several email addresses. If mail is received at one of these sub addresses, and the message subsequently arrives in Zendesk, how is it handled? Is it possible to have Zendesk send replies as the sub account (ie. 'send mail as' address set up in Gmail).



  • Jenni
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Lee!

    So it sounds a bit like you're referring to alias emails, if the "sub addresses" act as those sorts of alias emails. Unfortunately alias emails aren't supported by Zendesk, so it would only be able to send replies from the addresses that are set up as Support Addresses within Zendesk. So if someone were to write into one of those sub addresses, and they weren't added as Support Addresses, it would appear to reply from the default support address on your account. 

    I hope my explanation was clear, but let us know if you have any additional questions!


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