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    Demetrius Pais

    Super kicked to try this out! Will the remember the date app be updated to this new version? How do I experience this version without having to involve my devs right away? Any additional screenshots of all the screens?

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    Erica Wass

    Hi Demetrius: Thanks for writing. Yes, Remember the Date is updated for Android and iOS is forthcoming any day now. We will also be adding more screens in some of the documentation. I'll post a link here when I have more to share.

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    Amie Barder

    Per our engineering team, version 2.0.0 is incompatible with the latest version of Xcode and version 2.0.1 has a crashing bug.  Will there be another patch in the very near future?

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    Max Brunner

    Hi Amie! Thanks for reaching out! We do have a next version that solves a known crash, but we should check if your problem is the same we're working on. I'm opening a ticket so you can share the details of the crash with us.

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