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    Matthew Burke

    Is there any chance of creating a view for tickets cc'd on in the future?

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Matthew - 

    It's not something product is currently planning to build. 

    You may want to check out the conversation on this thread, which offers up some other ways to implement such a thing. 

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    Andy Parker

    I'd love to see this impemented, so that the criteria of "CC includes me" can be combined with other criteria to make meaningful views. The workaround of having to visit my profile becomes tiresome,

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Andy - 

    Thanks for your feedback. It's not something that is currently in the plans for development, though you may want to check out the conversation on this thread, which has some workarounds. 

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    Angeli Ho

    Able to see list of tickets which I have been cc is very important.

    I find this odd that there is such a capability to find out my cc tickets, but Zendesk is not implementing it in the view selection.

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    Mike Jones (Edited )

    Sadly, even though there are numerous requests for this feature in help forums, Zendesk does not seem to care or want to add this feature for reasons unknown to us frustrated end-users. I agree with other posters that the workaround is tiresome.

    Moreover, the thread that the Zendesk Community Manager keeps referring us back to for a workaround is essentially an ad for a paid 3rd party plugin. Ugh. 

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Mike -

    I'm sorry that you're frustrated. We do care, but we can't build everything that everyone asks for all of the time. Sometimes even good ideas get de-prioritized for a variety of reasons. 

    The other thread is the only solution I have to offer at the moment, and I figure offering a workaround is better than offering nothing at all - particularly when a solution is available that may work for some users. 

    You're also welcome to share your feedback with the Product Manager working with views in this thread in the Product Feedback forum. 

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    Mike Jones

    Yes, I am frustrated, and clearly I am not alone. I understand that it may be the only solution that you have to offer at this time, but please feel free to search your own company's support forums to get a sense of how many people would benefit from this specific feature request. Additionally it is easy to see that some of these requests for this specific feature go back years. And it turns up not just in direct feature requests, but also in comment sections of Support Tip pages.

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