Can I create a view of tickets I'm CC'd on? 

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  • Bill Cicchetti
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    Hi ZD,


    I have been taking a look at the beta for followers and CC but it doesn't seem to provide the ability to create a view for either field.  Is that correct?

  • Clare Mitchell
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    100+++ votes. I cannot imagine why this is such a hard feature to deliver for agent views. Our end users are able to toggle and see tickets they are cc'ed on. Why not agents. If you want your agents to be efficient, we cannot have them looking for tickets they own in their view and then tickets they are cc'ed on in their email. That is not a very efficient workaround.

    I was thrilled when support told me a way to create a view of tickets that an agent submitted themselves. At least this is bringing in one other outlier.

  • Michael Fischer
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    yes please

  • Sam Donovan
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    Hello Zendesk Team,

    Anaqua would also like this capability. We've been having our agents use "CC:me" but, as we are using views with the QuickiePlus app, we would like to add CC views into our environment, for multiple teams.

    Thank you,



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