Importing Google Docs into your knowledge base

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  • Karl Palma

    Is there a way to determine what caused my import to fail? There's not much of an error message other than "Unable to upload this document"

    The guide I was using was

    1. originally created in the ZenDesk guide editor page,
    2. copied to Google Docs and then
    3. imported into ZenDesk (I'm testing to see if the feature works)

    The graphics used were created in Photoshop.

    ZenDesk Professional subscription/Guide Admin

  • Carolyn Elder

    Other comments have mentioned this too, but can you write a guide to formatting Google doc templates so you can seamlessly upload them onto Zendesk and not have to redo the styling/HTML?

    Here's the problem: Zendesk is not a good CMS for collaborating/editing content through its lifecycle before publish.

    • This feature only saves me time if I can map the styling from the Google doc to my zendesk styling.
    • The goal being that I can use the Google doc template for reviewing and editing internally with teammates, SMEs and stakeholders
    • And once approved, transfer the Google doc styling seamlessly to a Zendesk article.
    • So I can then publish straightaway after setting tags, view settings and organizing the article in the navigational hierarchy.
  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Carolyn, can you clarify what issues you're seeing with formatting? The integration should respect formatting, unless you have CSS in your Help Center that supersedes your specifications.

  • Carolyn Elder

    Hey Madison,

    Basically the Google doc inputs a lot of extra styling and span junk that I end up having to strip out. So, it's actually easier for me to:

    • write the doc in Google, review and edit it with SMEs/Stakeholders,
    • get their approval and
    • then copy/paste from the Google doc into a plain text box to remove formatting
    • and then copy into Zendesk and apply the proper styling rather than to go through cleaning up <span></span> tags and removing all the extra styling stuff that is carried in with the Google doc.
  • Karuppiah Sakthivel


    Can you anyone help me,  Is there an only one[Google Drive] way we can import article into Zendesk. Any other way instead of connecting google drive we can able connect Sharepoint?

    Thank in advance


  • Gail L
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Karuppiah,

    Currently no one has a built a Sharepoint importer for Zendesk.

  • Brooke Cantwell

    Has anyone found an answer or update to Karl Palma's question above? I am going through bulk uploading several hundred articles via Google Docs to our new help centers right now and consistently getting that error - that it couldn't be uploaded. However, most of the articles that are failing have literally nothing different than the ones that are succeeding. Most of them don't even have images or any real formatting in them - just plain text. 

  • Neil Woodfine

    We're also having the same problems as Carolyn. Imported Google Docs result in all sorts of custom HTML being brought across, which is more hassle to manually strip out than cmd-shift-v (paste-special) the text in and manually reformat for each article. 

    Currently considering having to move authors to markdown drafting and setting up a converter. Otherwise going to spend too long manually formatting these articles.

    Examples of stuff that's being pulled across:

    • <p id="h.3n7yq3qf1bpb" class="wysiwyg-color-black wysiwyg-font-size-large wysiwyg-text-align-left"> 
    • <h1 id="h.9xec8qh0i9i">
  • Hannah Bailey

    Are there any plans on adding the following features to Zendesk Guide with importing documents?

    1. Update/replace the content of an existing article?

    2. Ongoing Sync with Zendesk and Google Doc. So my team can edit in google drive and it will transfer over to zendesk guide?

  • Reneé Lasswell

    In addition to Hannah's request, I would like the ability to turn off Google Doc comments being imported as footnotes.

  • Jonah Pressman

    Hi Jennifer.

    You fail to mention that there is a limitation at play here.

    Even though Google Docs supports the DOCX format, ZenDesk will not find these documents in the file picker and, hence, DOCX documents saved in Google Docs on Google Drive are not able to be imported.


  • seoj

    was the bullet level, sub-level formatting fixed? I see all the sub-levels just become bullets 


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