Importing Google docs into your knowledge base

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  • Lou Abigail Menard


    I tried it. And it imported the Google Doc file from the drive. However it was only able to capture initial pages (4 out of 9). Is there a limit to the pages that can be imported? 

  • Randolph Abelardo

    Good day. 

    Do Light Agents have this functionality?

    I couldn't find the Arrange content icon in the sidebar.


    - Randy

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Lou,

    I'm not aware of a limit, especially not one that low. It sounds like you might be experiencing a problem that you'll need to file a ticket to have our support team look into.

    Hi Randy,

    That's right, Light Agents do not have access to the Google Docs Importer. You have to be a Guide Manager to have access, and Light Agents cannot be Guide Managers.

  • Gadi Vered

    How does this feature work with formatting?

    Currently, it is not keeping the style and colors of the Google Doc after being imported to Zendesk.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Gadi!

    Can you be more specific about what elements aren't carrying over? That'll help me determine whether that's expected or not.

  • Stian



    Is it possible to update existing articles with the Google docs integration? We re-use the Zendesk integration many places and we are therefore linking to articles. If article URL´s are replaced every time we modify a support article it is pretty time consuming to use the integration

  • Margaretkennedy

    I tried this, and the Imported Document does NOT maintain the original formatting: indentations, fonts, do not carry over.

    It looks as I copy and pasted, but the benefit of importing is that I shouldn't need to edit the source code to redo the original style. 

  • Paul Yesowitch

    Is there a way to import a document from Google Drive that would then become an article with both English and French translations? Other languages included if the brand allows for it.

    For example, if page one was the English article and page two is the French article. Is that possible?

  • Dan Kondzela

    Hi Stian,

    After reading over the documentation it seems that there is not an 'Ongoing sync' relationship between your Google Docs account and your Zendesk Guide. It is imported in, and then edits are then able to be made within Zendesk.


    Hi Paul,

    That is a clever thought, however your translations will have to be added in the Zendesk Instance as per our Guide here: 

  • Diogo Maciel

    Hi Paul!


    What Dan said is correct. Translations need to be imported as per the article shared to be properly categorized as such. Let us know if you need anything else!

  • Maaike


    Is there a possibility available to sync the article with the google doc? So light agents will be able to edit the Google doc, and won't need the Guide manger rights.


  • Jupete Manitas

    Hi Maalke,

    As of the moment you can use Google doc importer that can be synced to your zendesk guide. You can refer to this guide article:

    Please let me know your feedback.


  • Allison Sargent


    I was excited to hear about the google drive feature for importing articles. Based on my experience, I prefer to create article content and format in google docs as opposed to Zendesk. 

    I am a bit bummed as I went to import a couple articles from Google docs and the format            (meaning my number and bullet lists) did not transfer over. Meaning that all the # and bullet points were on on the left indent. 

    Is there something that I am missing? Thank you for the help!


  • Lisa Clark


    I didn't see a answer posted to the question that asked if there's a way to use this feature to update/replace the content of an existing article? Or is it only for importing new articles? 


  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen

    Hi Lisa

    It seems that question has slipped through the cracks, thanks for making us aware.

    The Google Docs Importer does not enable update or or replacement of existing Guide articles from an associated Google Doc. It is only for (bulk) import.


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