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    Lou Abigail Menard


    I tried it. And it imported the Google Doc file from the drive. However it was only able to capture initial pages (4 out of 9). Is there a limit to the pages that can be imported? 

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    Randolph Abelardo (Edited )

    Good day. 

    Do Light Agents have this functionality?

    I couldn't find the Arrange content icon in the sidebar.


    - Randy

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    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Lou,

    I'm not aware of a limit, especially not one that low. It sounds like you might be experiencing a problem that you'll need to file a ticket to have our support team look into.

    Hi Randy,

    That's right, Light Agents do not have access to the Google Docs Importer. You have to be a Guide Manager to have access, and Light Agents cannot be Guide Managers.

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    Gadi Vered

    How does this feature work with formatting?

    Currently, it is not keeping the style and colors of the Google Doc after being imported to Zendesk.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Gadi!

    Can you be more specific about what elements aren't carrying over? That'll help me determine whether that's expected or not.

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