Using side conversations in tickets (Collaboration add-on)

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  • Edwin Schukking


    We have recently purchased the add-on and are still very much interested in the side conversations.

    The one thing we are worried about at the moment and would like to have your thoughts on is the following:

    • When an agent has started a side conversation, especially when comments from a Zendesk ticket have been added, there is the risk 'personal information' from the requester or another individual is included in the side conversation. Since the side conversation creates an email without encryption, this would put us in violation with privacy legislation, like GDPR within the EU. 

    When within Kantar we are using Outlook to send messages, we share attachments with personal information using Accellion. Preventing sharing personal information within the email body of the side conversation is a human factor, but is there already a way the attachments send as part of the side conversation email will be shared encrypted? 


  • Janis Polis


    Is there any way to modify what gets sent to the person who gets involved in side conversation but is not an agent?

    Currently if an agent engages somebody in a side conversation, this person simply receives an email from the Support address out of the blue. I would very much like an option to automatically preface that with an explanation of what it is that they are receiving and what will will happen when they reply, similarly like it is possible with triggered notifications.

    Or at least include in the title that this is a side conversation. Otherwise, if an agent engages in a side conversation with a person who sometimes gets CC'd for other tickets and replies with public comments, this creates a lot of confusion fo the receiver - they do not understand when the answer will be added as side conversation, and when - as a public comment.

    Yes, all of the above could be written manually by an agent starting the side conversation, but it takes way more time than it should.

  • Toby Sterrett

    @Edwin – we don't have support for encrypted attachments at this time. It'd be great to learn more about your workflow, though, to get some background into the requirements and how it could potentially be solved. Let me know if you'd like to talk about your use cases we could set up a call.

    @Janis – I think the best way to do that currently would be to set up a macro that has all the information you think would be necessary to let the receipients know the nature of the email. Macros can let you initiate a side conversation with the subject and body pre-filled with whatever you'd like and then the agent could fill out their message. Then the agent would then invoke a macro to start a side conversation instead of the "start a side conversation" button.  You can see how to set up macros here. Aside from that, we don't have plans to automatically add content to side conversation emails at this time.

  • David Peat

    Hi Toby,

    I've just got a trial of Side Conversation and it looks interesting.

    I noticed the comments in this thread from Jimmy Rufo which don't seem to have been answered i.e.

    • Side convo has no ability to use ticket placeholders (i.e. Ticket URL, Ticket ID), if you’re escalating a question to an Agent/Light Agent
    • Side convo email sent to recipient does not include ticket ID/link;  Just the text of the side convo written. (Related to lack of ability to use a placeholder).  If I'm escalating to an agent/light agent, I should have an option to include this info programmatically.

    I completely agree with this.

    Our use case is escalating to a developer to further investigate for us. The first thing they are likely to do is to go and read the full history of the ticket. So it would be a great help to have a way to include the ticket ID and/or link automatically.


  • Emma Surtees



    Can these be reported on in explore?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Emma,

    Side conversation data within Explore is something the team is looking into but no ETA of when that would be available.



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