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    Erica Bass

    We have been using the Slack Built for a while without issues, but I switched to this one to use the new "Actions" functionality... and now none of our notifications come through! I've gone through the setup process three times now just to check if I did something wrong but it is definitely not working.

    We had a similar issue a while back trying to set up custom automations to notify the Slack target, but Zendesk's JSON payloads weren't formatted according to Slack's standards so the notifications weren't accepted even though they were sending. Wondering if this is the same issue?

    Is anyone else using this and getting it to work? Curious!  

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    Erica Bass

    Update: After much back and forth, we got it to work -- you have to install the app to Slack AND install to Zendesk separately, THEN it will work. Hopefully they fix that, or at least put it in the installation notes! It isn't a big deal if you know that's what you need to do -- if you don't, it is kind of a wild goose chase ;) . Hope this helps somebody else! 

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Erica!

    I'm glad you got it figured out! I'll talk to our Documentation team to see if we can make that part more clear in the article. Thanks for the feedback!

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