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    Erica Bass

    We have been using the Slack Built for a while without issues, but I switched to this one to use the new "Actions" functionality... and now none of our notifications come through! I've gone through the setup process three times now just to check if I did something wrong but it is definitely not working.

    We had a similar issue a while back trying to set up custom automations to notify the Slack target, but Zendesk's JSON payloads weren't formatted according to Slack's standards so the notifications weren't accepted even though they were sending. Wondering if this is the same issue?

    Is anyone else using this and getting it to work? Curious!  

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    Erica Bass

    Update: After much back and forth, we got it to work -- you have to install the app to Slack AND install to Zendesk separately, THEN it will work. Hopefully they fix that, or at least put it in the installation notes! It isn't a big deal if you know that's what you need to do -- if you don't, it is kind of a wild goose chase ;) . Hope this helps somebody else! 

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Erica!

    I'm glad you got it figured out! I'll talk to our Documentation team to see if we can make that part more clear in the article. Thanks for the feedback!

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    James David Saul

    Hello Zendesk!

    I am super-happy to see your Slack integration out there, but it is currently missing a hook or option to show the Organization. We'd love to see the org in there. Are there plans to add this? For now, we are sticking with the JSON-based target I custom built.

    Many thanks for your support.


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    Yuri Mylis

    @Erica, sorry to hear you've been having issues with the configuration but there is no requirement to install anything on the Zendesk Support side. The Slack side app automatically installs all the dependencies in Support.

    @James , adding the Organization name to the ticket notification in Slack is something that we're considering doing in the future. Thanks for providing the feedback.

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    Daniel Robbins

    Does this have the ability to notify individual users of updates to their own tickets, versus entire groups? We have too much volume for a group to get a notification for each ticket update, but we are looking around at what kind of Slack/ZD integrations might do for us. Individual user updates would be what we want, ideally.

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    Josh Rosenthal

    Hey Daniel,

    Unfortunately the slack integration doesn't have the option to target specific users about their own ticket updates. 

    As a work around to this you could potentially create a group and map updates to tickets in to that group to a channel for each agent, however this wouldn't scale well if you have a large number of agents.

    If this is something you would like to see in the future with the integration I would suggest posting on our product feedback forum on this!

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    Guilherme Fantinatti

    Is it able to choose the people that can use this app? Example: I want it to be able only to Workspace admins, is it possible? 

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    Madison Davis

    Hi Guilherme! Just to be clear, are you hoping to have only your Workspace Admins would be notified of updates, etc. in Slack? Or would your ideal be that only Workspace Admins can create new tickets from Slack? Just want to make sure we're on the same page before providing an answer!

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    Lindsay Schofield

    Hi @yuri 

    A ticket requester is included in the Slack notification. However, since we do not require each Slack user to be an agent in Zendesk Support, this is always listed as the Zendesk user who installed the integration. For this reason, we recommend creating a dedicated user in Support to perform the installation.

    Is there a way to change the default Ticket Requester agent please?

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    Jamie Danjoint

    Is there a way to send different notifications for different slack channels? Also can we send notifications directly to users in Direct Messages?

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    Yuri Mylis

    @Lindsay, the integration always sets the requester as the Zendesk user who connected the Slack app to Zendesk Support. To change that user you will need to disconnect and reconnect with another Zendesk user.

    We're also working on a way to change the requester on the ticket creation form in Slack. This feature will be released very soon.

    @Jamie, the current integration doesn't allow customizing the notification, but I would love to hear about your use case and how you would customize the notification if you could.
    Would be great if you could add this info to the support ticket we've opened on your behalf.

    Direct Messages is a feature we're considering doing. Could you share a bit more details on how you would use that?

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    Yuri Mylis

    @Guilherme, the app access control is done on a per channel basis.

    You can create invite the app to a private channel and only it's members will be able to use it.

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