Installing and using the Linked Ticket app

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  • Lengow Academy

    Hi Nicole S.

    Following your last answer, can you provide us with more visibility about the updated expected on linked tickets from Zendesk team please?

    Side question: I can see Linkets app is currenty listed on the Zendesk marketplace. Does it mean that update has been made on it and issues related in previous comments have been fixed?

    Thank you for your answer.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Lengow,

    We don't have any additional information to share regarding updates to the linked tickets functionality at this time so I do apologize for that!

    As for your other question, the Linkets app isn't an official Zendesk app so if you have any questions you'll want to reach out to the developer directly. You can find their contact information on the Linkets app page. Unfortunately I can't speak to what has been updated with the integration but the developer should be able to answer your questions :)


  • Lengow Academy

    Thank you Brett Bowser for your quick answer!

    I'll directly ask Linkets developer then.



  • Jed Hollander

    Hi there,


    I don't suppose that this app carries over any of the linked ticket updates back to the linked ticket? For example, if I link 2 tickets together, I would want the communication on the "child" ticket to be populated back to the "parent' ticket.


    Thanks in advance.

  • Casey

    Hi Ricardo,

    Thanks for the in-depth explanation about the Linked Tickets app.

    I have installed this following the instructions however when the app appears in-ticket on the app side panel, even after adding the Linked Data ticket field to the one and only Ticket form wI am using, I'm still getting the 'This ticket form is missing the linked data field. Missing field: 'Linked Data' (360020019919):

    Do you have any idea what the issue could be? I look forward to your reply - thank you in advance :)

  • Kieran Thorpe

    is there still noting that lets us link multiple tickets to one parent? we need to be able to link known problems reported by multiple people to one larger ticket and push updates from the parent without everyone being cc'd in a single ticket causing confusion when someone replies.

  • Tod
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Jed! As per the article, the updates will not update on the linked tickets back to the parent ticket. You can use the workflow with Problem Tickets and Incidents tied to those, as noted here:

    The Problem Ticket in this situation would be the Parent ticket, and the incidents would be the Child tickets.

    This is how Zendesk updates customers when we have service incidents, and it is an amazing method for linking tickets in an extremely productive manner.

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