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    Erin Jones

    Does this require the paid version of Slack?  Thank you in advance!

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    Sheldon Dickinson

    I was so excited to see a post saying that the Slack integration had been updated. But it is still far from hitting the mark.

    You still have limited control over what tickets to include for notifications. I would rather be able to control what is added down to the ticket type so our channels aren't getting flooded.

    For example


    1. We don't want ALL tickets posted, but it would be great if you could only have problem tickets posted, or only tickets with 'urgent' priority. As you're then getting meaningful content in these channels.

    2. You still can't use it as a target in triggers. This means still having to use the cumbersome webhook method for posting things like CSTAT surverys

    3. and this is the biggest. You can not collaborate with your team in slack when you need assistance on a ticket. It would be great if you could type /zendesk #12345 and it post the referenced ticket into slack so that your team can assist with an issue. Instead, we still have to post links that open a fresh Zendesk window or have to copy and paste ticket numbers. 

    It's great to see you working on this product, but still feel that it is pointless and we will have to continue using webhooks to get basic function.


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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing your feedback, Sheldon! I'll be sure to pass it along!

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Welcome to the Community, Erin! I'm so sorry for the delayed response.

    I double checked our documentation on installing the new Slack integration, and it doesn't look like a paid Slack account is required to use it!

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    Thomas Bumgardner

    Where would you like bug reports sent to for this integration?


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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Thomas - 

    Thanks for asking. Bug reports should be sent to

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    Samantha W.

    Hello!  Can you reply to tickets in Slack with existing macros?

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    Fletcher Richman

    I think the BubbleIQ Zendesk Slack integration might be able to help!

    @Sheldon our integration is built based on fully customizable targets and triggers. So you can put conditions on triggers such as urgent, if it is a problem ticket, etc., and map that to a channel in Slack.

    @Samantha we recently (yesterday!) announced support for running Zendesk Macros directly from Slack. 

    BubbleIQ is available in the Zendesk App store and you can install it here: We're adding new features weekly so happy to help with any other ideas you have! 

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