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    Wouter van Gessel

    @Zendesk: Can you explain in this post or in the article, what the benifits are of Linked attachments versus Email attachments? 


    Why do you not enable Email attachments by default?

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    Amie Brennan

    Hi Wouter,

    In regards to the benefits regarding this, it more actually comes down to personal preference. 

    Linked attachments means that the attachment will be available to the user via a link at the bottom of the ticket. The user is required to click on the link to view/download the attachment from there. 

    Email attachments are attachments which are embedded and visible within the actual email reply. It doesn't require the user to click on any links to view/download the image as it will appear automatically inline within the email body itself. 

    As we offer two different options here, and linked attachments was our previous default option, we have left that as the default within Zendesk. It only takes a couple of click to changes the setting on this as you need. :)

    Just in case you need it, here's the link to the guide on how to enable attachments in your Zendesk. 

    Hope this helps with your query on this one. :)



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