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  • David Rose

    Unfortunately the integration doesn't work. It wrongly reports automations as positive customer actions and reports the wrong agent as having modified a ticket (or the customer as having modified the ticket rather than the agent).
    Until these are addressed I would suggest users stick with the built by Slack App.

    Additionally it's missing the feature of displaying in slack whether the post is public or private (which the Slack app does).

  • Catalin Oprescu

    I hope in a future release you'll assign the comment to the issuer and not the agent who set the connector (the latter could still be used a s fallback if the issuer of the comment is not an agent).

    the feature, at the moment creates confusion as all agents see the Admin's pic& name and the real issuer of the comment is mentioned in the footer of the comment.


    Fingers crossed to enhance the current functionality sooner, rather than later! 

  • Jessie Schutz

    @David: Thanks for sharing that feedback!

    I see that you also opened a ticket on these issues, and our Devs are aware and have rolled out a fix! Please let us know if you have any further trouble.

    @Catalin: Thank you for giving us feedback!

  • Michelle Morris

    Hi Zendesk team!

    I don't seem to be able to create a Zendesk ticket from a Slack message that has an attachment. This is one of the main reasons we want this integration. Someone posts an image in Slack and we want to create a ticket in Zendesk with that image attached. I just don't seem to have the menu items for Zendesk on messages with attachments, while messages without attachments are working fine. Can you help?


  • Jenni K.

    Hi Michelle! 

    Unfortunately, it is not currently an option to create a ticket from an attachment message within Slack, either via menu or slash command. It is still helpful for us to see other use cases for the integration, and I would encourage starting a conversation on our Product Feedback forums as well! Feedback is definitely appreciated. though I apologize we don't have better news at this time for creating those tickets from message attachments within Slack. Feel free to reach out to our support team with any questions!

  • Jeremy Heath

    Everytime i try to change something or make a new ticket etc, i get an error

    "The configuration for this integration is incomplete. Please contact your admin to resolve the issue."

    I am admin in both Zendesk and Slack and the app seems to be setup properly

    It seemed to stop working after i tried to add an internal note

    I mistakenly put the "#" in front of the number as i added it and since then nothing works...

    The only thing i can think off is rip it out and start again, will that cure the problem?


    Any ideas?

  • Billy

    @Jeremy, we have the same issue.  During the initial install of the Zendesk app, we were getting triplicate notifications, so I unsubscribed from all notifications (worked) and resubscribed to the desired notifications.  We continued to get three of every notification.

    Next, we tried to "rip it out and start again"; after uninstall, reinstall, re-authorize, we now get the same message: "The configuration for this integration is incomplete.  Please contact your admin to resolve the issue."  Curiously, we get this when performing "/zendesk create_ticket" and nothing at all when we perform "/zendesk settings".

    How should we go about resolving this issue?

  • Jeremy Heath

    @ Billy i have a ticket with Zen for my initial problem with the # issue for probably  more than a month at this point.


    I haven't heard anything new on how we fix it

    We still cannot get notifications in slack when a ticket arrives , I think the send to Zendesk bit still works but its not helpfull when the app doesnt work

  • Molly

    Hi Billy,

    So sorry to hear you're having issues with the installation! I'm going to open up a ticket for you so we can discuss this in greater detail.


    Jeremy, I do see that Greg responded to your ticket last month and again yesterday, are you still having issues? If so, please let him know and we can look into this further for you!

  • Jeremy Heath

    Yes after the response yesterday i reinstalled it again but its still not working right, it doesn't report on the channel its meant to

     The add ticket and add internal note seem to work but its the notify to slack part that doesnt work for us, i never get any notifications on the slack channel

    /zendesk create_ticket works for me

    /zendesk settings doesnt but i can access it from the menus


    After some help from Slack Support

    Managed to get it ripped out and working again.

    The issue now is it creates 3 notifications for 1 ticket.... and they say thats a Zen issue and they cant help further

  • Chris Choi

    According to the FAQ, when someone creates a ticket, the ticket is visible to everyone in the channel. Is there an option to make the ticket only visible to the creator or just not visible at all in the channel? I find people don’t everyone looking at their trouble tickets.

  • Whitfield Fowler

    I've installed Slack for Zendesk from within Slack, and our account was temporarily upgraded to team to allow me to test the functionality. Unfortunately, updated to tickets performed in Zendesk are not posting to the channel where the app has been added.

    Any suggested next steps?

  • Yuri Mylis

    @Chris, there is now way to hide ticket information at the moment but thanks for the feedback.

    @Whitfield, I suggest configuring channel notifications as described in this document
    If you still having trouble, just raise a ticket with us and someone will reach out to help. 


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