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    David Rose

    Unfortunately the integration doesn't work. It wrongly reports automations as positive customer actions and reports the wrong agent as having modified a ticket (or the customer as having modified the ticket rather than the agent).
    Until these are addressed I would suggest users stick with the built by Slack App.

    Additionally it's missing the feature of displaying in slack whether the post is public or private (which the Slack app does).

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    Catalin Oprescu

    I hope in a future release you'll assign the comment to the issuer and not the agent who set the connector (the latter could still be used a s fallback if the issuer of the comment is not an agent).

    the feature, at the moment creates confusion as all agents see the Admin's pic& name and the real issuer of the comment is mentioned in the footer of the comment.


    Fingers crossed to enhance the current functionality sooner, rather than later! 

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    @David: Thanks for sharing that feedback!

    I see that you also opened a ticket on these issues, and our Devs are aware and have rolled out a fix! Please let us know if you have any further trouble.

    @Catalin: Thank you for giving us feedback!

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