Setting up triggers for side conversations (add-on)

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  • Sonia Radaelli

    In this page I found the following note:

    Note: When someone replies to an email notification about side conversation activity, the reply becomes a public reply on the ticket, not a reply to the side conversation. This means that they are replying to everyone on the ticket, including any customers on the ticket, instead of a limited subset of people in a side conversation.

    What does it mean exactly ? If I'm the assignee and I create a side conversation with a user outside Zendesk, he will reply from an e-mail for sure. This reply will become a public comment ?




  • Heather R

    Hi Sonia,

    I believe Side Conversations is only for Agents only, so the implication is that they will reply to each other within the Agent Interface and hopefully not email.  

    If you agents tend to reply via email, maybe test out the #private command in the responses and if that works, it should post as a private reply on the ticket not public.  However, that sort of defeats the purpose of Side Conversation!

  • Sonia Radaelli

    Hi Heather

    only for your info.

    I create a side conversation with an external user (for example can be a salesman). When this person reply to the side converstion fron the e.mail received the requester doesn't see the reply.

    This is what we are looking for and it's great

    I understood that the same thing cannot be applied if an agent reply from the e-mail notification



  • Eckhard Doll


    Example 3: The "Viewing and replying to side conversations" link is dead.




  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Thanks for the heads-up, Eckhard! I'll pass this along to our Documentation team so they can get it straightened out. 

  • Amy Malka

    Hi Eckhard. Thanks for pointing this out! I've fixed the link.

  • Jim Aycock

    I get notified when I add a response to my side conversation.  Can't seem to find a condition that prevents notifying me (the Agent) when I reply to the recipient of the side conversation.  

    Any Ideas?

  • Mie Dohn


    I would like to set up the trigger in Examlpe 2, but I'm a bit confused of what the conditions with the assignees are good for? My first thought was to just have the side conversation condition and then the status action, but now I get unsure wether I need the assignee condition as well. 

    Are wee talking about the assignee of the side conversation or the ticket? (ticket I assume)

    Br. Mie

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Awesome feature, looking forward to future tweaks, so here's a bit of feedback regarding future requirements:

    1) Insights needed: how to measure all things side conversations!

    2) Agent experience. Just food for thought about activating/launching new features that have an immediate impact on the agent's experience.

    If we have have many agents, managing this kind of change can be very tricky if all I'm given as an admin is a checkbox that will immediately show the side conversations button to my agents.

    Although I can let everyone know about it, understand what it is, how to use it, etc., I can not set my triggers beforehand without activating the feature.

    3) If/when SC is inactive. Other tweaks if at any point we suddenly need to deactivate SC.

    3.1) The SC button/menu disappears in the ticket interface, and although we can still check past SCs in ticket events, a nice-to-have would be replacing the button with something like "Ticket has side conversations" or something, to ensure the agent reviews 100% of the case.

    3.2) If SC is deactivated but someone I emailed via SC replies, the ticket Events seem to update... but there's no way I can see the message the person wrote.

    Also, trigger conditions disappear completely. We should be able to keep these, regardless of SC being active or not (if not, then it simply wouldn't execute the trigger).

    Those are my 2 cents... great work, nonetheless, so thank you for a much-needed feature.

  • Serena Bond

    I have the same question as Jim from July 16th. Is there a way to prevent the trigger from going off when an agent replies to their own side conversation? Also, is there a way to send the message from the side conversation to the assignee's email? 

  • Zac

    Hi all,

    I have not seen a way to prevent a trigger from firing when an agent sends a reply to a Side Conversation that the same agent started. However, you can prevent a trigger from firing when the person responding to the Side Conversation is the assignee of its ticket. Use the condition:

    "Assignee IS NOT current user"

    Also, you can send a notification to the assignee of the ticket when a side conversation is updated. Just use the action:

    "email user" -> "assignee"


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