Understanding Guide user permissions for knowledge base access (Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Taylor Goldsberry

    I am unable to remove User Segments from a User, I am also prevented from deleting a user segment even though there are no articles/users associated with the Segment. 

  • Jon Daniels

    Hey Taylor!

    I see you have reached out to us directly, and an agent is working with you on resolving this.

    We look forward to your response on that request!

  • Ivelin Ivanov


    But how I can set permission for a section? I want to hide some section from all users and I want these section to be visible only by partners.

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Ivelin,

    If you want to set permissions for all articles in a section, you can do it using bulk actions. 

    First create an article list, filtered by the section you want to restrict. 


    Then select all the articles in the list and bulk update the permissions.


    Hope that helps! 


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