About flagged tickets from registered users who are not signed-in

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  • Todd Meyer

    When it shows up, the option to 'view original email' is not given, which is inconvenient and confusing. Is there any reason for this?

  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Todd!

    Just to make sure I understand, do you mean that when you go into the ticket events and scroll to the bottom of the list, the "view original email" link isn't showing up?

  • Maria Karenda


    We find that the warning icon is way too small and unnoticeable. In our case we need to take the customer through security when they contact us while not logged in. It's too easy for agents to not to notice this atm. 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for that feedback, Maria. You may want to cross-post it in the Support Product Feedback topic to see if other users have a similar concern.


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