Viewing customer context in a ticket

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  • Ксения

    Nice feature, i have some wishes:

    would be lovely to control which user fields are displayed. Especially interested in custom fields.

  • Kristine Horn

    Hello! Which of these customer fields, if any, are visible to the other Zendesk account if we share a ticket from the user?

  • Alex Clausen

    Hi, looks great with the timeline. Any plans for making it possible to include phone calls in the list.

    And does the list incl. tickets a user i CC on?

  • Cassie Dederich

    Is it possible to view tickets from other members of your organization within the interactions history list or just tickets from the requester?

  • Jennifer Vargas

    Hi Cassie - The interaction history is currently based on the individual requester. We're exploring support for Organizations, but don't have a timeline for that yet. We'll share any updates here.

  • Camilla Nørgaard Christensen

    Is there a way to customize the fields presented here? I have some custom organization fields set up that I would like to show up in the customer context/essentials card.

    Thanks! :-)

  • Schuyler Weinberg

    Do these shortcuts still work? I'm not able to get it to flip between ticket fields and context

  • Conza

    Planning to have an API made soon which puts in specific user fields from elsewhere; e.g. customer is a GOLD tier member, etc... so we can then run triggers off that customer information (e.g. SLA's, assign to X etc.)

    Is this possible? Has anything changed from how to do this previously? 


  • Patrick Bosmans


    The keyboard shortcuts should be working. If you are still not seeing this work after checking under your profile that they are enabled and attempting a cache clear on your browser, try sending a ticket to so that we might try to replicate the issue in your account.



    Custom user fields are available as conditions to be used in triggers.


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