Announcing Zendesk Talk Overflow and After Hours Routing

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  • Heather R

    Fantastic work! Is there any way to select which callers can go to the after hours routing? Some of our customers are VIP and need that, others we would rather route to VM.

    Thanks for your hard work on Talk!

  • Caroline Kello

    Hey Heather, 

    Thanks for the feedback! This isn't possible at the moment but that's a good idea, I'll keep it in mind for when we iterate on the feature functionality. 

  • Susan Biehl

    Is it possible to have this Overflow option based on IVR selections?

    The way our BPO tracks the type of incoming calls is based on the phone number we route calls to. If we route all calls, regardless of IVR selection to one number, we won't be able to track appropriately.

    Another concern I have is if we have different groups for IVR selections and some are more staffed than others, I am unsure how that overflow will apply.


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