The ticket you are trying to open is not visible to agents in your group(s)

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  • Jacek Czerniecki

    Hi Ricardo, I am facing a strange situation, I am trying to avoid the display of this message. And what is strange some groups of agents can see it and some do not see it, the triggers running in background seem not to play any role in this case.

    I have 3 groups of agents group A,B and C.

    Group A is default support group for some organizations, so do not need to use trigger, it gets tickets from people in those orgs, this is level 1 support.

    Group B - group A sends them request using a macro, group B also reassigns back to group A.

    Group C - group A sends them requests via macro, group C reassigns them back to group A.

    Only group A can see the error message while reassigns the tickets, other groups do not see it and I don't have triggers running in background that would automatically assign tickets to group A, B and C.

    Why the error appears only for group A? Thanks in advance for any tips, 

    Best regards,


  • Ricardo
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello, Jacek Czerniecki

    For this kind of issue, it is always better to look at a specific example of a ticket where the issue happened. I created a ticket on your behalf and our Customer Care team will get back asap. Thanks


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