Insights recipe: First reply time by event (version 2)

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  • Selçuk Mıynat


    I need to generate a weekly report for the first reply times of each agent.

    I've generated a report for each ticket with their first reply times. But I want to sort them from longer to the shorter, and put the agent names right next to each of them.

    How can I do that, please?

  • Amy Dee

    Hi Selçuk! If you want to see which agent made the first reply, use the Updater attribute. This recipe finds the event of the first reply, so the Updater is the person who submitted it. We have more information about the various user attributes here: Which user attribute should I use in my report?

    As for displaying results from highest to lowest, you can do that in the report. Hover the cursor over the metric name. That should make a pair of arrows appear. Those arrows sort the column in ascending or descending order:

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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