Sending Zendesk email from Amazon SES servers

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  • Jonas Dunkan

    When setting this up i get a message from the 'Email' section on Zendesk asking for a 'TXT record'. Is it necessary with a 'TXT Record' ?



    Forwarding verified 4 days ago Retry


    SPF record is valid Retry


    DNS records are not set up correctly Details ▼
    1. CNAME record is valid for
    2. CNAME record is valid for
    3. CNAME record is valid for
    4. CNAME record is valid for
    5. TXT record is missing for

      Set to 46a2c2d3502ea744
  • DuBose Griffin

    I am having the same exact issue.  

  • Joe Beaudoin

    Hello Jonas and DuBose!

    Thanks for your inquiries.

    The TXT record referenced for the both of you as missing for zendesk_verification.{domain}.com is a required component. Based on what you both have shown, your respective TXT records have not been published. You will want to contact your provider for assistance with this.

    If, after you've done that, you have any followup questions, feel free to post back here and we'll be happy to help!

  • Jenna

    Jonas and DuBose,

    Some DNS configuration tools do not want you you include your domain in the host field as your DNS service may be automatically completing the {your_domain}.com bit.

    So with Zendesk suggesting you enter: 

    • zendesk_verification.{your_domain}.com

    You could try instead entering in the "host" field just:

    • zendesk_verification 

    Then use the aphanumeric value as given by Zendesk in the TXT value field.


    We were experiencing the same issues with the DNS TXT record, and the DKIM records and omitting the {your_domain}.com part of Zendesk's recommended settings has worked for us.



  • DuBose Griffin

    Thanks so much Jenna! We will give this a try!

  • D Mokrushin

    Hi, why do you use zendesk_verification with the underscore? As I know it's invalid symbol for domain names. For example, I can't create this record, but it's ok if I use zendesk-verification

  • Ryan

    Hey D Mokrushin!

    We actually have an alternative for domain providers which don't allow underscores. Please use zendeskverification in its place (altogether, no hyphen or underscore).

    if that doesnt work, please let us know and we'd be glad to look into it.

  • Ayoub Haouari

    Thanks so much Ryan!

    zendeskverification has worked for me!

  • D Mokrushin

    Thanks, Ryan. It works for me.

  • Jerod Killick

    Thanks for this.  I have been honestly working on this all day.  It appears that the change over to Amazon is creating confusion.  I look forward to a much more detailed walkthrough with a clear example about how to implement this process.  I have tried the CNAME method outlined in previous articles, and this new one with MX and TXT records.  I have not been successful getting the DNS record to work.  Would Zendesk please publish a clear walkthrough?  I am trying to piece together various articles with conflicting information....a bit frustrating.  

  • Sean Cusick

    Hi Jerod, we apologize this has been frustrating for you. Can you open a ticket with us at, so that we can get some specific information from you? The editing and publishing of DNS records happens entirely at your domain's admin control panel, but we are happy to verify whether the records are appearing as they should. 

  • Jerod Killick

    It's all good!  I fully accept this process.  I will open a ticket for some advice and will add snippets for clarity. 

    Cheers!  :)



  • Mark Hinson

    hi Sean,

    I see in your article the point "If you cannot add CNAME records to your DNS, don't panic",

    if we have already added the CNAME entries in our DNS, and these are verified in Zendesk and been working ok for years, do we need to take any further action, i.e. add the MX and TXT entries for when Zendesk moves over the AWS?


    Can we leave as is, will our email continue to work ok?

    thank you, Mark

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Mark,

    You're old CNAME entries should remain intact. However, you'll need to set up the new CNAME records listed in the following article as well: Allowing Zendesk to send email on behalf of your email domain . I've also copied the relevant information below:

    To authorize Zendesk to deliver your email using CNAME records

    • Edit your domain's DNS settings and add each of these CNAME records:
    Type Name / Host / Domain Value / Target / Destination TTL
    CNAME zendesk1 3600 or use default
    CNAME zendesk2 3600 or use default
    CNAME zendesk3 3600 or use default
    CNAME zendesk4 3600 or use default

    If you've already set these CNAME records up then you should be all set on your end :) 

  • Sean Cusick

    Hi Mark (thanks Brett!), It sounds as if you might be referencing the CNAME records you set up for DKIM? If so, then what Brett has pointed out are the new records that you'll need to set up. If you have any more questions then please open a ticket at so that we can take a closer look and verify that all your records are as they should be. 


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