Discrepancies between Explore and Reporting Overview

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  • Justin

    What's the best way to account for "date ticket was rated", or better yet, to best align with the Satisfaction rating on Reporting Overview. According to this article (https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203662296-Using-the-Reporting-Overview)


    • Satisfaction Rating is the average customer satisfaction rating given during the reporting period.


    How can we replicate this in Explore?

  • Molly
    Zendesk Customer Success

    Hey Justin,

    In order to get the rating by the event date, you can use the attribute update-date with any of the satisfaction rating metrics. To get you a bit closer to your goal, I worked with my Explore team to create a calculated metric that captures any rating in the ticket updates dataset:

    Using this, I created a basic report to show ratings by ticket id by update date



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