Removal of support for Internet Explorer 11

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  • Dan Spees

    In this post you stated...

    "In 2015, Microsoft released the Edge browser as a replacement for IE. Because of this, Internet Explorer no longer receives major updates adding the latest security and functionality that supports complex web apps like Zendesk Support."

    Yet in the link to supported browsers it says..

    "Microsoft Edge is not supported by Zendesk, but reportedly works well for customers."

    This effectively means that you are choosing to not support the default browser that accompanies the current version of Microsoft Windows.  Since there is no mention of any intention to ever support Edge one can only assume that Zendesk intends to NOT support any Microsoft browser product.

    Edge may be the new comer and may have some work to be done before it can be fully supported.  However, it's now available on Android, MacOS, and iOS.  

    Chrome is the undisputed browser leader and still configured on my machines as my default.  However, Mozilla was my default at one time only to be replaced by IE.  With IE and Edge combined accounting for 6.3 percent of browser market share (according to one would think that some reason should be given for the choice to not support the current Microsoft browser.

    Are there any plans to support Edge?  Is it a dead issue, or is it just wait and see if Microsoft's market share increases?


  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    Is there a banner or notification that our end users/customers of the web portal will see about this closer to the retirement?  Or do I have to let my own end users/customers know about this change?

  • Chris Field

    Very disappointed that you are dropping IE without officially supporting Edge, especially as there is very little market share between Edge and Safari.

  • Paul Jennings

    We were just thinking the same thing, without IE11 support, not having support for Edge means that any Microsoft Windows user will in the future need to install additional browser software in their organisation to be 100% compatible with Zendesk. Perhaps the bulk of Zendesk users are not PC users.

  • Sean C

    If you plan to add a notice or warning to users of IE11 or other unsupported browsers that'd be visible to non-agents on a ZenDesk Guide, please share a glimpse of what that'll look like here and provide instructions to suppress it.

  • Henry Belk

    After opening a ticket with Zendesk, they said this change only affects Agents. End Users can still use IE.

    The announcement is meant to say that agents and admins may eventually have issues (after June 3, 2019) when using the agent and admin portions of Zendesk products. End-users (described as 'Our customers’ customers') would still be able to interact with Zendesk products using IE11 since their capabilities are much more limited in scope.

    My sincere apologies for any confusion or trouble this may have caused, and please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns!

    Best Regards,
    Support Engineer, Tier 2

  • Jon Daniels
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Thanks for updating this thread, Henry!

    Indeed, this change will only affect the Agent interface for these product areas, end-users on Guide should see no difference after this change.

    Let us know if you have any further questions regarding this change, we'll be happy to clarify!

  • Chris Field

    My question still stands, I'm afraid. Still no plans to official support Microsoft Edge (for agents)?

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Chris, we've added some more information in the "What do I need to do?" section of the article that I hope goes some way to answering your question. 

  • Chris Field

    Perfect, thanks!

  • Ana Wiechers

    We've updated this article to reflect a new timeline and expanded our position on Microsoft Edge. Please see the body of the article for the updated content.


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