Migrating to CCs and followers

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  • Conza

    How might this effect light agents? 

    Our network of stores have 700+. Their comments remain internal/private by default, yes? Regardless of whether being CC'd, or a follower?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Conza,

    Light agent replies should always show up as an internal note regardless of whether or not they're CC'd to the ticket.

    Let me know if you have any other questions :)

  • Brett Youngberg

    A few questions:

    1. Revealing all our agents email addresses seems like it will create a nightmare when a user decides to respond directly to an agent and not back to the main support email address. If that happens, what can the agent do to get that response back into Zendesk so everyone one that reads through the ticket thread can see it? Can they forward it in as an internal note using Mail API commands and have it show up as an internal note?
    2. Any way to reveal who are the followers on the ticket to the requester (and other's cc'd on the ticket) but not reveal their email address to the end-user? Like using a merge field like we currently do to show the names of people who are cc'd on the tickets (but we don't merge in email addresses). We want the user to know when multiple people are involved so they aren't surprised when they get a response from another agent OR we want them to know that a certain agent or manager is still involved and aware (but without revealing that agent's email address) so they don't think they are just being passed around.
    3. Do the Mail API commands work to override the new private vs public response to a ticket email notification (e.g. if it's public and I reply but use #note or #public false, will that make my reply an internal note and vice versa)?
    4. If a user emails from a non-primary email address, do responses now go back to non-primary email address or does it still override and email just the primary?
    5. What happens when a user has multiple email addresses as part of their profile and one of their non-primary email addresses is cc'd on their request? Does Zendesk send the email to both the requester's primary email address and also send a cc to their secondary one listed as a cc address?
    6. Related to question #5: What if another user that has multiple email addresses on their profile has one of their non-primary email addresses cc'd on a ticket by another user. Will Zendesk cc the primary email address of the cc'd user or the one chosen as the cc by the requester?




  • Lorin Rivers

    @brett excellent questions!

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    +1 Brett's questions!

    Also, it would be great to choose if by mentioning @someone, the default action would be adding them as a Follower, instead of adding them as Cc.

    Alternatively, keeping @ for Cc but have something else for Follower (eg. !someone)

  • Michael Tiernan

    I want to make sure. Is the migration action "agent" based or instance based?

    If I perform that migration does it affect the other agents in my instance?

    I am assuming the answer is yes but I'd rather be careful.


  • Lisa Kelly

    Hi Michael. Migration impacts your entire Support instance. All agents will see the new CCs and Followers settings, trigger changes, etc. 

  • Jarett Fong

    Can someone explain the reason and benefits of this new functionality?  So far the only benefit I see if that agent followers are not shown as CC's on the emails.

    But the rules for reply/reply all and public/private comments are way more complicated than what they currently are.

    Right now if we want to keep a reply private and we are replying via email we simply use the #note syntax.  That's all.

  • Kristal Lam

    Hi @Jarett - The reason/benefit of this feature is to create transparency and a real email experience with CCs. In old CC experience people could not see who was on the ticket so when communicating it was not clear who was going to be reading your message. In this new feature, CCs are transparent just like email. Thanks 

  • Todd Meyer

    Something we noticed that seems like it might be an oversight - at the top of emails sent to Followers, there is not a link to view the ticket like there used to be when we CC'd agents.

    Follower: You are a follower on this request (123456). 

    CC: You are registered as a CC on this support request (https://support.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/123456).

    I can't think of any reason why the link would have intentionally been removed, and this change makes it hard to click through to view the ticket which is what our agents always do (we never reply to emails to comment on a thread)

    Can someone please confirm? 

  • Lori Anne Graziano

    I have enabled and am testing the cc and followers feature in my sandbox (well just the cc’s, we do not have a need for the followers).  I have adjusted triggers and business rules where need and all is working fine.

    My question, however, we have triggers, to notify groups of new tickets.  In the email notifications, the cc’s on the ticket are not displayed in the cc line of the email.  Is there anything I can enable to get this populated?  I do have the text in the body indicating the cc’s on the ticket but I am looking for the cc’s in the cc line, incase people reply or forward the notification.

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Lori,

    I reached out to our team internally and they informed me this notification is being sent out to a number of users within a group, the CC'd users should actually show up under the To field instead. The functionality is a little bit different you're not just notifying a single user but a group of users.

    Hope this clears up any confusion!

  • Lori Anne Graziano

    Thanks but I have an another question on workflow - previously agents that were cc'd before enabling the feature were notified when an internal note was added to the ticket and now they are not after enabling the cc feature.   Additionally the @mention is not working either (we have rich content enabled). 

    In reviewing tickets created prior to the enablement there is an event as follows - how can replicate this workflow now.  I can create a trigger to notifiy the group of internal notes but that would mean the group would receive a notificaiton for "every" internal note and not just the agents it is meant for.

  • Robin de Hen

    Yes we need this indeed:

    Also, it would be great to choose if by mentioning @someone, the default action would be adding them as a Follower, instead of adding them as Cc.

    Our team uses the @mentions to involve light agents in a ticket. And we want the light agents to be added as Follower not CC.

  • Heather R

    I'd have to agree -- Let us choose at our account level, what default action would be taken by using the @mention - adding as a CC or adding as a follower.

  • 이지훈

    However, this update does not include updates to automation or triggers that can include end users in the CC.

    Does Zendesk have an update plan on this?

  • Aaron Griffiths

    I have just activated this on our zendesk and it seems if you add a agent as a follower they will only get a email and no notifications show on Zendesk? does anyone know of how to set up a view of all all tickets> less then solved> follower is (current user)? 

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Aaron,

    I did some testing on my end and it doesn't look like there's a condition that will show current tickets an agent is following within a view. We recently published an article that addresses this question here: How can I view tickets I follow?

    There are a couple of options mentioned in the link I provided so I do hope this helps!


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