Why do I see negative votes in my article search results?

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  • Allison S

    Question - 

    We have a few articles that bring our overall net vote score down, but it's not a reflection of our self-service offering. 

    For example, we have an article for our status page, and contact support, which users downvote because we do not offer phone support. 

    Can we somehow remove the ability to vote on select articles? that would make it easier to get clean data. 


  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Allison S,

    It is possible to remove the option to vote on articles entirely, you can see how to edit your code to do that here: Disable "Was this article helpful?" in Zendesk Guide Answered. But unfortunately that turns it off for everything and is not specific enough to be able to selectively turn it off for only certain articles. 

    I hope that helps a bit!


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