How can I change the default group of my Support account?

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  • Carla Sandbakken

    But what if I by mistake selected "Make default group" when I created  a group? How can I remove this possibiliy when I don't want to have default projects at all? 

    Creating, managing and using groups doesn't show an answer to my problem. 


  • Ricardo

    Hello, Carla.

    If by mistake you have selected Make default group when you created a new group, you can simply edit any other group and make it the new default group of your account.

    It is not possible to NOT have a default group in your account.

  • Jared Saeger

    Zendesk's 'default group' feature is by far one of the most annoying things I have to deal with when administering ZD. At the very least, we should be able to change the default group of the account. How this still exists today is beyond me, for this functionality is not scalable for a rapidly growing and changing environment. It took me 30 minutes of manual labor to delete a group the other day when it should have taken a .03 second button click, or at most, a 3 second "Type in the name of the group to confirm deletion" popup. There were 60+ members in the group and unfortunately for me, it was default for over half of them. I shouldn't have to write a Python script consisting of several API calls to accomplish something as simple as deleting a group, yet here I am.


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