Preparing for changes to email for side conversations

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  • Zac

    Thanks Toby! Will these emails also be validated via customers' SPF / CNAME DNS records as specified here:

    This would be a huge win.

  • Toby Sterrett

    Hey Zac! The emails will be sent using the same SMTP servers and pipeline that trigger email notifications use, so it should inherit the same benefits of SPF and whatnot.

  • Serena Bond

    We're no longer receiving replies in our side conversations. Is this because the subject line may be different? How are the replies routed to the correct side conversation?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Serena,

    That is most likely the case here since most email clients will look at the subject of the email to determine if a brand new thread should be created. Side conversations is set up to work similarly so if the email subject is different that could be causing the issue with replies not making it into the conversation thread.

    Is this the only time the issue occurs?


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