Changes to Zendesk Talk Dashboard permissions in Zendesk Support

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  • Mike West

    I'm not seeing the "Can view Zendesk Talk dashboard" setting under Role settings. What am I missing?

    I need agents to be able to see the dashboard again.


  • Caroline Kello

    Hey Mike,

    It's a setting in your custom roles: you should be able to see it if you follow this article If it's not showing up I'd recommend you send in a ticket to our Support team and they'll be able to help.

    Thanks, Caroline

  • Oliver Tietze

    Honestly this needs to be a setting/feature of Support Professional (to be professional).

    In any "more-than-Team" environment it's not good to have a "all or nothing" approach, and even worse to have it "all and no option to restrict".

    Just my 5 cents.

    The feature, however, was described to be available in Professiona and Enterprise. Is it planned to release it in Professional (very) soon, too?

    Kind regards


  • Caroline Kello

    Hi Oliver, 

    Thanks for adding your thoughts, it's much appreciated. I don't believe we communicated that this was available for Professional as well as Enterprise, could you help me find where that was mentioned?

    At the moment we're not considering adding this permission to other plans than Support Enterprise. 

    Thanks again, Caroline

  • Oliver Tietze

    Sure @Caroline - (no hints that specific mentioned features are 'Enterprise only')

    Still it would be good to at least have a general (System) setting "Show Talk Dashboard to Agents yes/no"... Maybe as a small solution ;)

    Best regards, Oliver

  • Caroline Kello

    Ah, I hear you. That article talks about the Talk plans the feature (monitoring live calls) is available on, but the ability to create roles that have certain restrictions is based on your Support plan. I can definitely see how that's confusion!

  • Carl McDowell

    One really useful tool that can be added to support is the Queuerious App

    It can be found on the App store here:

    And give your agents the ability to see the calls in the queue right from Support:

  • Jason Smith

    Is there a reason that Enterprise (Legacy) is not able to update the permissions to view the Talk dashboard?


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