Can I edit the robots.txt file that my Zendesk subdomain is using?

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  • Charlie
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    It seems that because the robots.txt file cannot be edited on a per-page basis, the only way to remove content from Google search results is to delete the page entirely from Zendesk. If you unpublish the page, then Google still shows the page in results, with the following caveat: 'No information is available for this page.' Having to delete pages isn't a very good solution for 2 reasons: 1) We have to delete old pages completely when we might want to keep them around (unpublished) for internal purposes, and 2) There is no way to redirect old pages to their new-page equivalent (this is a separate issue).

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Charlie,

    What you could do is submit a re-index request directly to Google once you unpublish your article. I've attached a direct link to the Redirect Request page for you.

    That should prevent your unpublished articles from showing up via Google search.

    Hope this helps!


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